Advanced Open Water Diver


Exploring and exciting experiences! The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course provides the first dive experience of each PADI Specialty Diver course. By diving in a variety of settings, you will learn new skills and gain more confidence in scuba. You can choose a total of five exciting dives, including two essential dives: deep diving and underwater navigation diving. You will be credited for completing the first dive of each Specialty Diver Course.


1. Who is it for?

This is for those who want to enjoy a variety of diving, such as Deep diving, Wreck diving, Drift diving, Night diving and those who wants to upgrade their diver levels.

  • Applicable age: Twelve years or older, PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver or higher. (Twelve to fourteen years old will be issued as a Junior Advanced Open Water Diver)
  • For children who are between twelve and fourteen years old, all diving is available, except for side-mount diving.
  • Read your Medical Statement and check your health status in advance for the Discover Scuba Diving course. If there is an item you check “YES” for on the medical statement, download and print out the statement and get a doctor’s approval. ≫ Download Medical Statement
  • You should have at least eighteen hours of rest time after this diving course before traveling by airplane. Therefore, be sure to schedule one more day before flying after your dive. (If your course is three days long, please schedule your stay for at least four nights and five days.)


2. How long is the total duration?

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course takes 2 days.

※ Important: You should have at least eighteen hours of rest time after this diving course before traveling by airplane. Therefore, be sure to schedule one more day before flying after your dive.


3. Which dives can I choose?

Altitude Dive, AWARE – Fish Identification Dive, AWARE – Shark Preserve Dive, Boat Dive, Deep Dive, Digital Underwater imaging, DPV (Underwater Scooter) Dive, Drift Dive, DrySuit Dive, Enriched Air Dive, Night Dive, Peak Performance Buoyancy (High Precision Buoyancy) Dive, Search and Recovery dive, Side Mount dive, Underwater Naturalist Dive, Underwater Navigation Dive, Wreck Dive
★ The dive options available in Boracay are marked in blue text.


4. What will you learn?

1) Fill in the Paperwork for this course.
2) Take lessons on basic diving theory: Complete knowledge review for 2 essential dives and 3 selected dives.
3) Diving in Open Water (5 dives): The selected 5 dives are carried out by boat diving.
4) Create a logbook


5. How does the course work?

1) This program is led and supervised by a PADI instructor. The maximum number of students per instructor is limited to two to three for safety and efficiency.
2) Once you have completed this course, you will be issued a C-Card, the temporary certification card which is available for 90 days before you get the actual certification. This certification will be mailed to your residence within one or two months.


6. What is the schedule?

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver may start at any time. Please refer to the sample schedule for your itinerary.

※ Important: The following schedules are samples according to the flight schedule and may be adjusted after consulting with the instructor at the individual’s request. Schedules are subject to change due to sudden weather changes.


7. Course Price

20,000 pesos

  • Includes : Manual, Logbook, Equipment rental fee, Cost of issuing PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification. (Issued as a Project AWARE card)
  • Sea World is a 100% Project AWARE Dive Center.


8. How to make a reservation

1) Online Reservation: You may make a reservation through the Booking/Inquiry board on the homepage.
2) Reservations in Boracay: You may book reservations by visiting the Sea World location one day in advance. If you book locally, you will be required to pay a deposit of 1,000 pesos per person. Making a reservation on the same day may be difficult, so please reserve in advance.



9. What’s the next step?