Be an instructor who teaches professional divers! An IDC staff instructor who teaches PADI assistant instructor courses independently can experience another fun and challenge while teaching professional divers. The IDC staff instructor also assists PADI instructor development training, and through instructor development level training, you will be able to learn the latest PADI systems and keep your theoretical knowledge and underwater skills up to date. You can also refine your teaching skills and develop candidate assessment and counseling skills in this course through self-study, classroom sessions, assessment training, and internships.


1. Who is it for?

For those who would like to be an independent PADI Instructor, instructors who need to self-develop with the latest PADI education system, and those who would like to become a PADI Master Instructor or a Course Director.

  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) who is qualified for teaching
  • Holders of EFR Instructor certification
  • Should agree to reflect the standards and philosophy presented in the PADI Instructor Manual and the PADI Course Director Manual when conducting all levels of diver training
  • Should agree to use the PADI system and its components


2. How long is the total duration?

There are two options for the PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course. You may choose to complete the course through attending the entire IDC or for instructors who struggle to meet the IDC schedule, we also have the option of direct presentation of the components of all assistant instructor courses.

  • Option 1: It takes at least 9 days for attending full IDC course.
  • Option 2: It takes at least 3 days to present the components of all assistant instructor courses and receive pre-assessment / knowledge development and assessment training.

※ Important: You should have at least eighteen hours of rest time after this diving course before traveling by airplane. Therefore, be sure to schedule one more day before flying after your dive.


3. What will you learn?

1) Course Orientation: Documentation and Guiding Course Schedule
2) System/Standards and Procedure exam
3) Dive theories (Physics / Physiology / RDP / Skills and Environment / Equipment) exams
4) Knowledge Development: Course Director-led classroom instruction

  • Instructor Development Standards and Procedures, Curriculum
  • Organize and conduct PADI Assistant Instructor Course
  • Psychology and Counseling in Evaluation

5) Skill Demonstration Workshop
6) Knowledge Development Presentation
7) Confined Water Teaching Presentation Pre-evaluation
8) Confined Water / Open Water Teaching Presentation Evaluation


4. Required Documents

1) 1 ID Photos (3*4)
2) IDC Staff Instructor Application Fee: AUD $161, using a credit card that is available overseas (VISA or MASTERCARD)
3) Educational materials

  • PADI Course Director Manual
  • Confined Water Presentation Evaluation Slate / Open Water Presentation Evaluation Slate / Skill Evaluation Cue Card
  • PADI Instructor Manual / PADI Guide to Teaching
  • Confined Water Lesson Preparation Slate
  • All of the PADI courses instructor Cue Card
  • RDP Table / eRDPML


5. How does the course work?

1) This program is led by a PADI Course Director.
2) For Option 1, you must participate in all IDC classes. For Option 2, you must consult with the course director separately to arrange your class schedule. After completing the course, IDC Staff Instructor Applications will be sent to PADI for registration. Your IDC Staff Instructor certification will be mailed to your residence within one or two months.


6. What is the schedule?

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) is held every two months, six times a year, and the training schedule for 2017 is as follows. If you do not meet the schedule below, you can schedule a personal training session after consultation.



7. Course Price

35,000 pesos

  • Does not include: Course Director Manual (Digital Version) AUD $415.66, Evaluation Slate (CW/OW/Skill evaluation slate) AUD $124.81, IDC Staff Instructor application fee AUD $166 (Credit Card Only)
  • Includes: Education fee, IDC T-shirt


8. How to make a reservation?

1) Online Reservation: You may make a reservation through the Booking/Inquiry board on the homepage.
2) Reservations in Boracay: You may book reservations by visiting the Sea World location one day in advance. If you book locally, you will be required to pay a deposit of 10,000 pesos per person. Making a reservation on the same day may be difficult, so please reserve in advance.