What is Basic Free Diver? This course is part of the PADI Free Diver Course. If you do not have any experience in scuba diving, we recommend that you begin with the Basic Free Diver Course before you begin your Free Diver Course. In this course, you will learn basic theories and skills such as breathing and Fin-kick technique for Free Diving in swimming pools or confined water areas.


1. Who is it for?

This course is for beginners who want to get into free diving for the first time.

  • Applicable age: 12 years and older
  • Read your Medical Statement and check your health status in advance for the Discover Scuba Diving course. If there is an item you check “YES” for on the medical statement, download and print out the statement and get a doctor’s approval. ≫ Download Freediver Medical History
  • You should have at least eighteen hours of rest time after this diving course before traveling by airplane. Therefore, be sure to schedule one more day before flying after your dive. (If your course is three days long, please schedule your stay for at least four nights and five days.)


2. What is the total duration of this course?

The PADI Basic Free Diver course takes at least one day. Sea World Dive Center adopts a variety of PADI instructional methods in consideration of your itinerary. Currently, the PADI Basic Free Diver course is only available through the touch manual option.


Manual Option



Minimum Travel Period


(Tablet / Smartphone App)

  • Complete some theoretical training with tablet or smartphone app

  • Complete quizzes and confined in Boracay (Confined water session 1 time)

1 Day

3 Nights 4 days

※ Additional training sessions: If you fail to complete some sessions of the course within the training period, additional training session fees will be added. (2,000 pesos per session)

※ Important: You should have at least eighteen hours of rest time after this diving course before traveling by airplane. Therefore, be sure to schedule one more day before flying after your dive.


3. What will you learn?

Knowledge Development (Touch manual, self-learning) → 1 classroom lesson → 1 Confined water session

1) Create a document for Basic Free Diver Course.
2) Theoretical education: Double check the theory we studied using Quick-Review, and take one classroom lesson for knowledge development (free diving equipment, theory, pressure equilibrium, safety matter, diving skills)
3) Confined water session (two times): Stretching for whole body and breathing exercises, Free diving equipment setup, Static apnea (apnea on surface ) exercises, Entry method / Fin kicking technique/ Underwater swimming method/ Weight check, Dynamic apnea(Horizontal swimming), Rescue skill on/under the water
4) Create a logbook


4. What are the performance goals for qualification?

  • 200m swimming with no equipment or 300m swimming with snorkel /fin
  • Static apnea (apnea on surface, STA): 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Dynamic apnea (horizontal underwater swimming, DYN): minimum 25m
  • Surface / underwater rescue in Confined water area
  • Review of knowledge and final exam or quick review


5. How does the course work?

1) This program is led and supervised by a PADI Freediving instructor. The maximum number of students per instructor is limited to two to three for safety and efficiency.
2) Once you complete this course, you will be issued a C-Card, the temporary certification card which is available for 90 days before you get the actual certification. The actual certification will be mailed to your residence within one or two months.


6. What is the schedule?

The Basic Free Diver course can be started at any time and completed in a day.

  • 08: 00 ~ 09: 00 Stretching and breathing exercises
  • 09: 00 ~ 10:30 Classroom Lessons
  • 10: 30 ~ 12: 00 Confined Water Session (1)
  • 13: 30 ~ 16: 00 Confined Water Session (2)

※ Important: The following schedules are just samples according to the flight schedule and can be adjusted after consultation with the instructor at individual request. It may also change due to sudden weather changes.


7. Course Price

10,000 pesos

  • Includes: Touch manual, logbook, equipment rental fee, cost of issuing certification (Issued as a Project AWARE)
  • Does not include: Additional training fee, Pool admission fee
  • SeaWorld is a 100% Project AWARE dive center.


8. How to make a reservation?

1) Online Reservation: You may make a reservation through the Booking/Inquiry board on the homepage.
2) Reservations in Boracay: You may book reservations by visiting the Sea World location one day in advance. If you book locally, you will be required to pay a deposit of 1,000 pesos per person. Making a reservation on the same day may be difficult, so please reserve in advance.



9. What’s the next step?