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[Discover Scuba Diving] Why is Discover Scuba Diving price more expensive than other dive centers?

Basically, scuba diving fees vary from region to region. Because the price of living is different in each region, the cost is different.


Since Boracay is known as one of the places where the cost of living is most expensive in the Philippines, the price range is slightly higher than in other areas. In Boracay, all dive centers are required to keep the lowest rates set by the Boracay Diving Association. If dive centers do not follow this rule, they may be penalized.


As a PADI career development center that has been operating for 22 years in Boracay, Sea World Dive Center follows the lowest rates set by the Boracay Diving Association. The lowest price for a diving experience in Boracay is 3,000 pesos. If you find another dive shop with a price lower than this, be cautious of the quality and safety of the diving.


In addition, Sea World Dive Center has been operating numerous diving programs for 22 years without any major accidents.


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