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[Discover Scuba Diving] Why should I complete the Discover Scuba Diving course with Sea World?

The Boracay Sea World Diving Center will use the “Discover Scuba Diving Participant’s Guide” according to the PADI program to conduct the Discover Scuba Diving Program.


After this program, you will receive a Participant’s Guide with your own dive records, along with a Certificate of Completion. This is quite different from the introduction diving courses at other dive centers. These other centers only require you to fill out a simple form, learn a few skills and quickly get into the water for only a 15 minute dive. Sea World Diving Center is the only center in Boracay to conduct the full PADI Discover Scuba Diving course while also using the PADI Participation Guide.


You may also enjoy using the free e-learning section of the Open Water Diver course after completing this program. If you choose to do so, you may register for the Open Water Diver course for a fee of 3,000 pesos.


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