Discover Scuba Diving Program

Today’s entry will feature our amazing divers who went for the

PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program.

The holidays are here and some have gone to Asia to have a piece of summer this winter season.

                       The contrast of wearing a thick jacket, gloves and shoes on a winter wonderland eating turkey at thanksgiving to wearing bikini and shorts, barefoot on a sunny beach paradise sipping cocktails or a local beer.

In  the morning, a group of young professionals from Vancouver, Canada who are all in the Philippines to attend an International Ultimate Frisbee competition in Manila.

Jeff, who was a certified PADI Advanced Open Water diver shares their story at how they all end up travelling together to play and have a side trip to Taiwan and of course to Boracay Island.

Jeff LaForge | PADI Advanced Open Water


The whole gang all suited up ready for the confined water training dive.

The Squad!


 Assisted by PADI Divemaster Jerry and Core both from Korea and our PADI Chinese Instructor Sean.







  Here’s a quick underwater video of everyone making bubbles and exploring our reef site! 🙂




And of course an after dive pose on the boat with only our group. Quite the VIP treatment!

Korean Dive Master Jerry has the best face out of all of us. He’s a natural!


I have been planning to do this group pose for the longest time, but didn’t really had the chance until now. They were all keen to give it a try!

A fan or shell pose.

Does it look a bit acrobatic with that back breaking bend? Can you spot where I am? 😀



In the afternoon, I had another group who also signed up for the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program.

Fun group of friends from the U.S


Even in the late afternoon, the conditions were still good with calm and clear water.


Afternoon glow! Excited to plunge in to meet the colorful tropical reef fishes.



                 The experience is never complete without a fun after dive photo!


Does it make you want to try the experience too with your friends?

I look forward to see you underwater with us! 🙂


Hugs and bubbles,


PADI Instructor

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