Tablas Day Tour



1. Who can go?

If you are a regular traveler…

Those who are looking for a quiet and exotic trip, those who would like to rest in a secluded spot while eating homemade Italian food or those would would like to do nothing except rest. those who would like to tan under the sizzling sun quietly. Also appropriate for those who would like to tan under the sizzling sun quietly or spend the day comfortable with their family. Children should be six years or older.


If you are a scuba diver…

If you want to have a relaxing dive in an easy, comfortable dive site, and want to see the unique underwater terrain without only seeing fish.


2. When can you go?

The open schedule for Tablas Tour changes every year, but it is usually from the end of October to the end of May of the following year. The best time to go is from March to the end of May.


3. Where do you start and how long does it take?

Departing from Boracay Diniwid Beach between 8 and 8:30am and will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes by boat. Depending on the weather, it may take up to two hours in case of larger waves. but typically takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. The departure time from Tablas is around 5 pm, The arrival time to Diniwid Beach is around 7 pm. Once you arrive at Diniwid Beach you can take a tricycle to return to your accommodation.




4. How much is the tour fee?

Non divers’ Day Tour Price (includes snorkeling and lunch)

  • 3,500 pesos (per person, minimum 2 people)


Divers’ Fun Diving Tour Price (2 Dives, Including Lunch)

  • Fun diving twice, lunch: 6,000 pesos (per person, minimum 4 people)
  • Boat rental fee: 4,000 pesos (boat rental costs are divided and paid for by all of the Fun Dive participants for sharing policy.)


5. What about lunch?

A homemade Italian meal by the owner of “By The Sea Resort”, coffee, drinks, red/white wine and beer is unlimited.






6. How do I make a reservation?

  • Online Reservation: You may make a reservation through the Booking/Inquiry board of our homepage.
  • The number of people for a tour reservation must be two or more, and the tour fee must be fully paid in advance..
  • The tour cannot be canceled after the reservation has been confirmed. If you want to change your schedule, you must do it at least three days before.
  • If the weather does not allow for boat service, the tour may be canceled and a full refund will be given.