Maniguin Diving Tour



Maniguin Island (also known as Maninging Island) is a very small island, about two and a half hours southwest of Boracay. The people here call the island of Manigua Maninging, famous for its Hammer Sharks and Barracuda schooling. In April and May, it is also a place where you can enjoy the beautiful blue sea which can be seen in the advertisement of Pocari Sweat. The basic visibility here is over 30m.


1. Who can go?

Any scuba diver who has an Advanced Open Water Diver level or higher can apply for a Maniguin tour. Also, any diver who has more than 20 logged dives can go.


2. When can you go?

The Maniguin diving tour is a special diving tour that runs from March to the end of May each year. The best season is from April to the end of May.


3. What can you see?

You can always see schools of Barracuda, which is the core of the Maniguin diving tour. In addition, there is a variety of marine life in the reef area including turtles, Jack Fish, Unicorn Fish and Red Tooth Trigger Fish. The average visibility is over 30 meters in April and May and you can enjoy fun diving in a warm environment of 28 degrees Celsius.


4. Where do you start and how long does it take?

Departing Boracay at 5:30 am, it takes approximately 2 and half hours to arrive at Maniguin Island by boat. Depending on the weather, it may take up to three hours if there are slightly bigger waves. However, it usually takes two hours and thirty minutes. The departure time to Boracay from Maniguin Island is at 3pm. The arrival to Boracay Station 1 Beach will be approximately 6 to 7pm.


5. How much is the tour price?

The Maniguin Fun Diving Tour price includes three Fun Dives and lunch. The tour is suitable for a special part of the Fun Diving group tour. For private tours, a minimum of ten people are required. If you choose to pay for boat rental, however, it is possible to take this tour with less than ten people.


  • 3 Fun dives, lunch, equipment rental included: US $150 (per person)
  • 3 Fun dives, lunch, for equipment owner: US $130 (per person)
  • Boat rental fee: 25,000 pesos (boat rental costs are divided and paid for by all of the Fun Dive participants for sharing policy.)


6. What about lunch?

Lunch includes rice, chicken, BBQ, kimchi, ramen, fruit, coffee, drinks, beer and snacks.


7. How do I make a reservation?

  • Online Reservation: You may make a reservation through the Booking/Inquiry board of our homepage.
  • The number of people for a tour reservation must be ten or more, and the tour fee must be fully paid in advance.
  • Even if the number of tourists is less than 10 people, the tour can still be conducted, so please contact us by email!
  • The tour cannot be canceled after the reservation has been confirmed. If you want to change the schedule, you must do it at least three days before.
  • If the weather does not allow for boat service, the tour may be canceled and a full refund will be given.