Fun Diving package (4 nights and 5 days)


To enjoy various diving points in Boracay, sign up for the Fun Diving Package which lasts 4 nights and 5 days. There are many dive points in various environments in Boracay. Typical dive points are as follows: Yapak Point, which is famous for its cliff diving that starts at 32m of depth. Camia Shipwreck, where there are massive schools of fish. Tri-Bird, where you may see many squids and sea slugs. Channel points for Drift diving. Frieda Rock, where large sea bass fish are found. Crocodile Island, where there are beautiful coral reefs. Angol Point, where beautiful coral makes for perfect photo and video opportunities.


1. Fun diving package price (9 dives + 4 nights’ accommodation)

The Fun Diving package for four nights and five days is for those who would like to arrange their fun diving and accommodation all at once. The following fun diving package price is for one person.

  • Single applicant (per person): 15,700 pesos14,800 pesos (breakfast included, equipment not included)
  • Equipment rental fee per day: $20 per day ($60 for 3days)


2. Fun diving package details

  • Accommodation: W Hostel’s 8-person dormitory, shared toilet.
  • If you book the above package during peak and super peak seasons, an additional fee will be charged also for the 8-person room.
  • If you book the above package during a season which is considered as peak or super peak season, an additional fee will be charged also for the 8-person room.
  • Please refer to the chart below for peak season and super peak season
    – 4 nights 5 days package: 660 pesos for peak season / 1,320 pesos for super peak season, additional charges may apply.
    – 6 nights 7 days package: 990 pesos for peak season / 1,980 pesos for super peak season, additional charges may apply.
  • 2018 general, peak season, and super peak season rate applying period and fees

• PROMO SEASON: June 1 – October 31
• PEAK SEASON: November 1 – May 31
• Christmas and New Year – December 20 – January 5
• Korean / Chinese New Year – February 12 – February 20
• LA Boracay 2018 – April 26 – May 9
• Halloween – October 31 – November 2

  • Room upgrade available. See room upgrade rates below.
  • To apply for the package above, you must have a minimum itinerary of staying for four nights and five days OR six nights and seven days.
  • If your itinerary is scheduled for four nights and five days, or six nights and seven days or more, you can also use the hostel only.
  • When calculating the above package amount in USD, there may be a difference depending on the exchange rate fluctuation
  • Package-specific training schedules may vary depending on your personal flight schedule, personal conditions or other circumstances, and you may consult with your instructor to adjust your schedule in advance.
  • Kalibo Airport pick-up / sending price is additional. (See airport pick-up / sending rates below)


3. Fun Diving Guide

  • The above rates do not include equipment rental fees and $20 USD per day will be added for equipment rental.
  • Night Beach Dive fee: 2,100 pesos per dive (including equipment) / 1,750 pesos per dive (if equipped)
  • Please bring your C-Card (certificate) and logbook.
  • Fun diving is available three or four times a day, so please consult with your instructor before the day and confirm your schedule.
  • There are 6 diving schedules a day during the dry season at 9:00 / 10:30 / 12:00 / 13:30 / 15:00 / 18:00.
  • There are 4 diving schedules a day during the rainy season at 9:00 / 11:00 / 13:00 / 15:00.
  • The dive point changes every day on a time basis. (Dry season: from November to the end of May / the rainy season: from June to the end of October)
  • Even in rainy seasons, when the weather condition is good and you depart from White Beach, the time schedule of the dry season may be applied.


4. Seasonal Room Upgrade Price Information




(June 1 – October 31)


(November 1 – May 31)


(Check detail date below)


 PHP                         2,090

 PHP                         2,640

 PHP                         3,190


 PHP                           275

 PHP                           495

 PHP                           715


 PHP                           220

 PHP                           385

 PHP                           660


 PHP                           110

 PHP                           330

 PHP                           495


 PHP                             55

 PHP                           220

 PHP                           407


 PHP                               –

 PHP                           165

 PHP                           330

  • Dormitory room upgrades may not be available if all reservations are complete.
  • The above rate is for night. Simply multiply the number of nights by the charge of the rate.
  • Be sure to check your travel period, as extra charges will apply during the Super Peak Season.
  • Super Peak Season: Christmas and New Year (December 20 – January 5), Korean / Chinese New Year (February 12 – February 20), LA Boracay 2018 (April 26 – May 9), Halloween (October 31 – November 2)


5. Kalibo Airport Pick-up Reservation

  • You may reserve airport pick-up service through the Boracay Southwest website.



6. ReActivate Program

If you have not been diving for a long time, we recommend you take the ReActivate Program (Scuba Review) first and do a fun dive.



7. Information for Boracay Dive Site



8. How to make a reservation

1) Online Reservation: You may make a reservation through the Booking/Inquiry board of our homepage.
2) Reservations in Boracay: You may make a reservation by visiting the Sea World location one day before your desired dive. If you book locally, you will be required to make a deposit of 1,000 pesos per person. Making reservations on the same day may be very difficult, so please make a reservation in advance.

  • Name:
  • Package name: (example) SeaWorld Package A
  • Number of people:
  • Gender:
  • Check-in date:
  • Check-out date:
  • Room upgrade request: (Example) 8 person room + Toilet
  • Flight number / arrival and departure date and time:
  • Email Address:
  • Facebook messenger contact or e-mail address:
  • Available phone number:

※ For inquiries and reservations for the Fun Diving course, diving clubs or diving groups conducted by instructors, please send an e-mail to