Beginners To Certified PADI Open Water Divers!

   Aloha everyone!

Another beautiful day with an office view so bright that we almost need to wear sunglasses all the time.  Scuba diving is just the perfect activity!

In the afternoon I met Cliff and Tim from Switzerland. Two young man on a vacation to explore the corners of the Philippines.

Both of them decided to sign up for the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program. Tim dove before with PADI DSD while it was the first time for Cliff.

After our dive briefing, we went to the beach for our confined water session where we practice safety skills in the shallow water before the real dive adventure begins.


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The conditions were perfect with its calm surface and crystal clear water. The gradual depth change of the beach made the skills training and buoyancy practice very easy and comfortable.


Afterwards, we took the boat out to Diniwid wall for their open water boat dive. We dove with a max depth of 12m and was down for 40 mins.

Once back at the dive center, they were both  thrilled by the dive and decided to continue their education and took the PADI Open Water diver course.

Here they are doing one of the open water training skills, Mask Removal and Replacement.

On one of the dives we spotted a Hawksbill Turtle, it was their first!

Swimming with turtles for the first time is for sure one of the most exciting and memorable scuba diving experience.

It never seems to change for me no matter how many times I see them on my dives.

Cheers to Tim and Cliff for completing their diver training with great enthusiasm and respect to the underwater world.

They have successfully earned their PADI Open Water Diver level!


Happy days!

Hugs and bubbles,


PADI Instructor



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